My Favorite Color


marck drawing It seems that after all the pictures I’ve seen and drawn,  after all the psychedelic light shows I’ve seen,  after all the Techno-Color movies I’ve viewed,  after all the sunrises and sunsets I’ve witnessed,  after all the shades and tones in the spectrum have been admired and analyzed,  it seems that my favorite color is Tie-Dye!

Show Me Eastbound!

Show Me Eastbound!


How many New York State Parkway bridges do I have to go over or under until I realize that each and every one are different?  The esteemed former Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, and architect of the parkway system throughout New York and Long Island was not only a genius, but an artist in his own rite.  It wasn’t until I decided to do a picture of the parkway bridges that I noticed that there were none two alike.  Hey, I am no engineer, and maybe there are two bridges which were constructed utilizing the same plans, but each bridge is quite different!  Check it out if you are lucky enough to live on “The Island” or get a chance to visit.  If you do may I suggest the middle lane.  I find that traveling in the middle lane you tend to encounter a less amount of Pinhead drivers that Long Island is in abundance of.

So whether you’re a driver or passenger, going eastbound or westbound on the Southern State Parkway (or if the South Shore is too “South Shore” for you, the Northern State Parkway will suffice) pay attention to the overpasses.  The workmanship is both aesthetically wonderful and still as functional as the day they were built sometime in the 1930’s.  They are each and every one a monument and I unofficially dedicate them to Robert Moses and the men who constructed them.


Don’t forget to read the fine print.  Do Not Pick Up Or Discharge Passengers.  No Commercial Traffic.  Yield To Emergency Vehicles.  No Littering.  Speed Limit 55 MPH.  Low Bridges.  No Passing On Right.  Keep Your Eyes On The Road Your Hands Upon The Wheel.

Enjoy the ride and beware of Pinhead drivers.

*If you can prove that you, or a parent or grandparent had worked constructing one of these fine structures, a free print of this finished picture is yours.

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